2020 Wedding Planning And Trends

Prevailing pandemic COVID-19 has affected almost all weddings around the world. So it is very important how we see nuptials, and related festivities, evolving in the future and also what trends will be more applicable for a to-be bride to adopt.

Which will be the leading trend for the coming year 2020?
“Coronavirus pandemic has definitely impacted people around the world in a very big way. It has made us humans a lot more conscious about our home, Earth. A strong trend for the coming year would be Green, eco-friendly and sustainable weddings. Zero waste management is another big trend that will settle by the end of this year.”

How will Indian families plan weddings in the midst of corona virus pandemic?
“A lot of priorities, actions and choices have changed with regards to the current global scenario and experiences the human race has been going through. It has educated people to be a lot more considerate about all living beings on earth as well as the environment and society as a whole. People will now live their own dreams at the present instead of postponing them for the future. People will long to be with their loved ones and a mindfulness of using the natural resources more efficiently will slowly and gradually evolve.”

What worries and fears are associated with current situation of COVID-19?
“Humans have always had the capacity to overcome any obstacle and have surpassed all challenging times, so will this phase. All the vendors are ready to co-operate for change of dates. This is the best time to research and plan afresh how you would like to have your wedding. Have your planners involved with the planning and coordination for venues. Team efforts will give the best results in testing times.

What ways will be best explained for eco-friendly weddings?
“Eco-friendly weddings will be a big take for the coming year. A lot of resources are put in to host a perfect wedding. For eco-friendly weddings, banning single-use plastic completely, opting e-invitations and donating flowers to old age homes instead of using them for decorations are some suggestions for couples to opt for.”

Finally some suggestions for couples who are not planned for the type of weddings?
“A lot of couples are anxious and inquisitive about the post pandemic situations and how they should go about planning their weddings. A lot of brainstorming sessions and conversations will help clear a lot of issues. Couples need to visualize the overall way they want the event to happen. Budgeting your wedding plan is a start. This will help determine the size and how the feel factor of the wedding would be. Take help of your wedding planners and your designers who will give different options and possibilities. A small inspiration will go a long way to a grand event.

Few thoughts that will reflect the best working styles and give best results?
“Marriages have been happening since ages, but this process has been under continuous evolution and change over the years. New styles and trends has had a lot of influence on couples decisions. Couples now a days want out of the box thinking and are open to experimenting a lot of innovative ideas for their events.”

What are the few best locations to host Weddings for Indian Families?
“There are a lot of restrictions with reference to the current scenario for wedding destinations but once situations are normal a lot of options are open. Indians are known for hosting glamorous weddings and preferring exotic locations. So locations like Istanbul or Phuket can be considered.”

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